A student-centred approach to parent educator collaborative engagement

Welcome to Conversations for Collaboration, a collaborative engagement framework co-designed and co-authored by NSW educators and parents of students with disability, who have experienced quality student centred collaborations. The framework aims to assist families, teachers and ultimately students. It will enrich conversations, enable sharing of information and resources, reveal perspectives, and bring about engagement for better outcomes for all.

“No child, no parent, and no educator are the same, and so our relationship will be our own unique journey – with our own successes and challenges along the way”

Many paths can lead us to a positive inclusive schooling experience for a student with disability. A place where the student thrives, reaches their potential, and is prepared for an enriching life beyond the school gate.

Student-centred engagement is never complete. It can never be ticked off and considered done. Each year a student grows and changes. There is a new educator, a new group of students, and new relationships that need to be established and developed.


These nine modules provide parents, teachers and students with the framework, tools and resources to enable them to achieve a student-centred approach to parent/educator collaborative engagement. They can be done in order or you can dip in and out of them as needed.

Each module includes optional links to videos and extra resources. You can view those for further support and information when needed.

Group of students playing

Module 1

It’s all about the student

Building strengths-based relationships

Sailing boat

Module 2


The importance of building and sharing your Vision

Twins going to school

Module 3

The relationship

Focusing on strengths, and we are all on TEAM student

Students and teacher talking

Module 4

Student voice and communication

Let’s listen to our students                                     

Parent, student and teacher

Module 5


Conducting effective and collaborative meetings

School bags

Module 6

School resources and supports

How to effectively  use school resources to support our students

Sisters going to school

Module 7

How to include the student

The importance of inclusion for all our students

Brother and sister going to school

Module 8

Personalised Planning

Planning and transition for individual students – linking to the Vision

Parent and teacher talking

Module 9

Solving Problems

Let’s solve the challenges and any problems together


This framework is designed to promote conversations and enable student-centred parent and educator collaboration. It is methodical but not prescriptive, capable of diversification, and can be adapted to each individual student, parent and educator context at the local level.

The development of the Conversations for Collaboration Framework was supported by the NSW Department of Education in partnership with Family Advocacy.

Please click on “read more” to find out more about the framework, our values and guiding principles.